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Judge a Book By It's Cover

I love looking at cover changes from hardcover to paperback. Some are good, some can be bad, and they're always interesting!

I'm highlighting cover changes that have happened mid-series this time around. I hate whey they change covers mid-series both as a librarian and a reader. It can be very frustrating as a librarian because now our first book in the series doesn't match what the teens are seeing online or in stores, so they don't think we have the book. And the cover that pulls up in the catalog now is different from what we actually have on our shelves. When a patron comes into the library asking for one cover and you show them a different one, it can be very frustrating-especially when working with kids and teens who only want the book they saw.

As a I reader, I just don't like when my books don't match.

So let's take a look at some series changes:

This is the hardcover for Black Hole Sun. I actually kind of like this cover-it's simple, but I think I can tell this is a science fiction book.

And here's the paperback. I like and I don't like it at the same time. I like that this one looks more action packed than the hardcover and I like that it really looks like a science fiction book-I know from the cover what to expect from the book. I do think the guy is brooding a little too much, although I guess I can see him as Durango-he can be somewhat moody.

This cover is OK, but it really doesn't say anything about secret societies or justice. It looks a bit like a generic mystery novel instead. So I can understand why the covers changed before book two was released.

But as much as I like this cover in general, I don't like it for this series. This looks like a 1940s noir murder mystery, which the book is not. I think it's even more misleading than the original cover.

I really like this cover. It's simple, yet I think it tells a lot about the book. It has a science fiction feel and I think it shows the struggle of the main character is a nice, simplistic way. She looks troubled and tortured, which fits the book exactly.

Here's the new cover. I think it's nice and it's more colorful which I like, but I think it really blends into everything else that's on the shelves right now. I also think it looks a bit paranormal meets science fiction.

I really like this cover-shiny, mysterious and colorful. I can tell it's a paranormal-something about the girl's eyes make her look like she has a secret and I'm interested in finding out what it is.

Secret is blow-she's a werewolf! This one doesn't have as much mystery or color to it and I'm just not a fan. I think the girl/wolf thing on the cover is just a bit creepy.

I liked this cover because it was different and it really stood out. But at the same time I can see where it lacks appeal for teens.

I'm OK with this cover change. I think it retains the mystery of the original cover, yet adds some teen appeal into the mix.

So what do you think? Do you like cover changes mid-series? Do you think the changes got the series right? Or should they have stayed with the originals?


  1. I always talk about judging a book by it's cover. That's why newer up to date covers are put out on some of the classics. Then I talk about The Thief, how I wouldn't read it because that first cover was AWFUL. And how it is one of my favorite books. The new covers are so much better! I wish I had the budget to replace all my books with newer covers when they come out!

  2. Oh it really irks me when they change covers and then my books don't match! I really loved the cover of Prophecy of the Sisters and couldn't believe they changed it... =(

    I usually don't like it when they change covers, all in all. Except for classic novels ;)

  3. Yeah, I understand the classics changing too to be updated, which doesn't bother me. I hate when books look outdated on my library shelves. But I HATE it when my series don't match halfway through the series run. It's so annoying and I like my entire set to match-at the library and at home.

  4. I sometimes prefer the original cover like with Nightshade or Silver Phoenix by Cindy Pon. I did think The Prophecy of the Sisters had a more teen friendly cover with the new one. I also liked the new cover look for The Forest of Hands and Teeth.

  5. Oh that Nightshade cover. It creeped me out (and made me laugh) simultaneously. Hello Animorphs!

  6. That Nightshade cover is awful! It reminds me of the ARC cover of Dauther of Smoke & Bone, but executed poorly.

    I loved the original cover of The Monstrumologist, but they changed it with book two. The new covers aren't bad, but the original was much creepier.


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