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My Current TV Obsessions

When I need to take a break from all my committee reading, I turn to my trusty TV! I have to share my current obsessions-anyone else hooked on these shows?

I have to thank Mr. GreenBeanSexyMan for getting me hooked on Game of Thrones. He'd read the books and couldn't wait until the show aired. I'm trying to read book one in the series, but it's slow going (have you seen how huge those books are?) It's fantasy, but not so much fantasy that non-fantasy fans won't enjoy it. The TV series is amazing-wonderful writing and storytelling, a fantastic cast, everything is done so well! My favorite characters are Jon, Arya and Tyrion. Jon because he's a bit sensitive and he's smart (and OK, Jon Snow is pretty cute!), Arya because she kicks butt, and Tyrion because I love his wit and every scene Peter Dinklage is in, he just rocks. I also have hopes that the actress who plays Arya grows up and plays Katsa in a Graceling movie-it would be so perfect! There's a lot to follow, so I'm glad I have Mr. GreenBeanSexyMan to help me. If you do watch it and have questions, he'd be happy to help guide you through the series-you can follow him on Twitter at @crazywriterblog

And really, if you're not watching Game of Thrones, you should be!

My other Sunday night treat-Sherlock. At least for three weeks anyway. I love this updated version of Sherlock Holmes-so much snark and wit and humor-what's not to love?? I also have a bit of a crush on Benedict Cumberbatch!

If you've read my blog before, you know about my obsession with Downton Abbey. Soapy goodness in a historical drama? Yes please!! Season three seems so far away, so I'll re-watch Seasons one and two until I can get more gossip on the abbey!

After everyone telling us about Big Bang Theory forever, Mr. GreenBeanSexyMan and I decided to finally watch it. And I'm not surprised at all to find that we like it! We're always looking for new shows to watch together and hopefully fill the Scrubs-sized hole in our hearts. While it's not my favorite, it's pretty funny and we're working our way through the DVDs to catch up!

So what's your current TV Obsession? Any shows I need to catch up on and start watching? Old favorites I need to check out?


  1. Ooh, I'm going to have to check out Sherlock - and Game of Thrones, too (want to try reading it as well!). Two of my current favorites are Castle (drama) and Parks & Rec (comedy). I highly recommend checking out both! And a couple older series that have already concluded that I will love forever are Friday Night Lights and Veronica Mars. If you haven't yet seen them, you will be hooked!

  2. My brother got me hooked on the Game of Thrones. I listened to the first book and then watched the first season. I am listening to the second book and DVRing the second season. I agree, I love Arya, Jon and Tyrion. I am not a reality show watcher but have followed The Voice this season.

  3. Chrissie-I LOVE Veronica Mars-one of my favorites. And I keep hearing great things about Friday Night Lights and need to watch it. It's in my Netflix Queue!

    Nise-I want to read all the books too because the show is so good, but I know there's so much more in the books. I should check them out on audio! And I keep hearing how good The Voice is-I might like that one, even though I'm not a reality TV watcher either.

  4. Sherlock is fantastic! Another one you need to look into is Whitechapel. They had it on BBC America, not sure if it is on Netflix yet. Such a good British mystery/cop show. Also, did you watch Case Histories when it was on PBS? SO good!! Jason Isaacs!
    Love Game of Thrones. Glad there is a show so I don't have to slog through the books :).

  5. I just discovered Downton Abbey it is my most favorite show of all time. Sigh.
    I watch Sherlock too and loved last Sunday's episode.
    Right now I'm really into Fairly Legal. It is SO good.
    But I still watch Psych and Robin Hood and am anxiously waiting on the return of the glorious White Collar. Yes, I love USA Network shows. And BBC, and that's pretty much it. :)

  6. I get way too excited about casting crossovers between Downton and GoT!

  7. I had heard about Downton from a few different places, but honestly, it was this blog that made me go "Maybe I should watch this..." So...THANK YOU! I <3 that show so much, season 3 needs to be here now!

  8. HUGE GoT (series and books) and Sherlock fan. If you like Sherlock and the writing brilliance of Stephen Moffat, you should check out Doctor Who starting with Matt Smith as the Doctor in 2010. Moffat is the showrunner and the storylines are fabulous. Also the 6 part miniseries entitled "Jekyll" that Moffat wrote which is a modern retelling of Jekyll and Hide.

  9. I really like both those series too. I also watch The Secret Circle and Once Upon a Time.

  10. I LOVE Big Bang! SO FUNNY! And omg the wait for the next season of Downton is KILLER.

    I actually talked about TV shows on my blog today too! There's a list of my current obsessions and the ones I've fallen out of love with. :)

  11. Hooray for Big Bang Theory! That is one of my favorite shows. And coincidentally, Hubs and I LOVE Scrubs too! We even named our wifi network after it - Turkleton. ;)

    Have you seen Friday Night Lights? Hubs and I watched that entire show last summer and loved it so much we're probably going to watch it again this year!

    Most of the shows that I watch are half-hour eps. New Girl is really quirky and funny, and I love So You Think You Can Dance -- that's the only reality show I watch.

    I bought GoT season 1 for hubs for his birthday and he asked me to watch the first episode. I was all fine and dandy until THE END OF THE EPISODE. In which my mouth was agape at ALL THE HAPPENINGS.

  12. I haven't seen any of these except Downton Abbey, of course.

    Lately, I've been watching The Mentalist. It's the only crime show I like.

  13. Jana-Sherlock is so fun! I'll look into the others you mentioned-I love Jason Isaacs.

    LF-I need to watch Robin Hood-several of my co-workers have mentioned to me. And I've seen a few eps of Psych and enjoyed it. And Downton Abbbey=major sigh! :)

    Paula-I do too! I was so excited at last Sunday's episode!

    Mere Joyce-YAY! I'm so glad you watched it-it's so addicting, isn't it? I hate waiting for season 3...

    Tellulah-I watched Coupling, which he wrote for and I loved it. I need to check out his other shows.

  14. Natalie-I tried watching Once Upon a Time, but then got busy. It's all recording on my DVR and I hope to catch up this summer. I keep hearing it gets better as it goes on.

    Kristin-So many people told me to watch Big Bang Theory-I should have listened! I love the geek references. :)

    That Cover Girl-OMG-the ending of each episode are so crazy!! And I love finding fellow Scrubs fans-love that show so much.

    Melanie-I'm not a big crime show fan either-they're too gritty!

  15. Also, thanks everyone for the ideas! I love knowing other people who share my taste! :)

  16. Love Game of Thrones. The books are on my tbr list, its ever growing. I picked up season 1 dvds from the library. And now, since I don't have HBO, I'm waiting. :( I could definitely see the girl who plays Arya as Katsa!!!

    Parks and Rec and Vampire Diaries are my other two favorite TV shows at the moment.


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