Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lessons in a Married Bookshelf-Part Two-A Photo Essay

Remember awhile back when I said that my husband was getting a little tired of how our small apartment was overflowing with books? Sunday he decided we needed new bookshelves. So here's our new married bookshelves.

So this is my new shelf. The top part has TV on DVD, but the rest is filled with my books. This shelf has all my library books, books for school (lit class reads), Gateway nominees I have to read since I'm on the committee, review books, plus all the ARCs I picked up at ALA that I want to read before my teens. And I'm weird and I organized them all by release date, because well, then I feel organized.

This lovely shelf is home to all the books I've bought or won in contests that are in my TBR pile. The top shelf is my favorite because it's home to all my signed copies.

Then, because I like to be weirdly organized with my books (hey, I'm a librarian), this shelf houses all the books I've already read, but want to own. The bottom shelf also holds old yearbooks, and there's some husband book pile overflow-you can tell which ones are his because they're the boring ones! :) Just kidding honey!!

Then, just to prove what a
hardcover fantasy snob my husband is, here are his books proudly displayed in the living room with his gaming stuff (you know he loves them if they share space with the games) Notice the pink XBOX controller-he's so good to me!
And his (mostly) fantasy shelf in the bedroom.

And just for fun, my dog Wrigley, with the two salvageable library books she ate as a puppy. (She ate others, but she really destroyed them!) And she was licking the pages before I took the picture-at least she likes books, right? :)


  1. Maybe I should start stacking my books all around the place and my husband would buy me more bookshelves! I got one for my birthday last year, already have a big one and now my birthday is getting closer I think I need to ask for another one.

    There is nothing wrong with having well organised bookshelves. I want another one so I can have all my historicals on it, but I buy them at such amazing rates I think I'll need the big size that is 6ft wide LOL.

    She with the most books when she dies wins, right? LOL

  2. My husband has one small shelf of fiction in German and then a bunch of shelves with design books. My books far outnumber his!

  3. Love all your shelves! :) Very organized, I like that. Also, could Wrigley be any more cute! I wanna hug her! lol

  4. Wow, you have a lot of book shelves. We just have one in our bedroom and one in the boy's room but they are never organized since the little one is always pulling them down :)

    I have an award for you.

  5. I don't have to share my bookcases yet. I can't even imagine what combining my books with someone else's will do.

    But you guys make it work! Thanks for the peek into your bookcases; I love seeing how other people organize their books.

  6. your pup is so cute!
    and your eclectic bookshelves are wonderful. organized but not uniformed. love it.

    you should read A certain slant of light.
    i think you would really enjoy it.

  7. I love looking at people's bookshelves!! Look at all those awesome titles.

  8. WOw, your TBR pile is out of control. I won't whine about mine anymore. It's nothing compared to that.

    And THANKS so much for "THE" book from "THE" author! And hurry up and try Natural Born Charmer!


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