Thursday, August 20, 2009

Manga Review: Sand Chronicles

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Genre: Contemporary/Shojo Manga

Release Date: Ongoing Series, 5 volumes out now

About the Books: Twelve-year-old Ann's parents are divorcing, so she's been taken by her mother back to her mother's hometown. Ann is used to living in the city, so this small town takes some getting used to. Ann makes friends along the way, which help her adjust to her new life, but when tragedy strikes, she leans on her new friends to help her through.

GreenBeanTeenQueen: This summer, I've had a teen volunteer who every day brings me a new manga to read. I've read some series-at least a couple of volumes, those long series are too hard for me to keep track of-but for Sand Chronicles I'll make the effort to know when the newest release is out.

Sand Chronicles may sound like a simple story of friendship and first love, but there is so much emotion and depth packed into each volume. You get to know each character and you really learn to care deeply for each one.

I love the artwork in this series. I'm not an expert on manga art in any way, but I love the way Hinako Ashihara draws emotions onto her characters faces. The settings around them are always beautifully drawn out and I feel myself transported into their world.

If you haven't given manga a try, Sand Chronicles is a good series to try. It's easy to follow, has a contemporary storyline, and relateable characters. It's a beautiful coming of age story. Each volume Ann and friends grow up and you get to experience their growth with them. In some ways, Sand Chronicles makes me think of what Sarah Dessen's novels would be like if they were manga.


  1. I too love this series! Like you said, the artwork is fabulous. I don't feel like it's overdone in the way some of the manga series I have read is. It's just very beautifully depicted.

    But... I wish I could find out who Ann ends up with! I'm an end reader and this not knowing is killing me. I'd still read it all, I just like to know.

  2. ME TOO! I was so bummed when Shojo Beat went away, because they were ahead of the printed volumes (I think). So I have to wait forever now! They made a live action movie in Japan, but we can't get it here, so the waiting is driving me crazy!! I did find out from the Viz catalog that it's complete at 10 volumes, which makes me feel a little better-at least it won't drag on forever!

  3. I haven't read this one (not my type of manga) but glad that you enjoyed it! It's nice to see more YA readers going into manga.

  4. why do I have this odd sensation that I've heard of this before. Anyway agreeing with Diana! We need more YA readers reading mangas! xD

  5. I just bought these for my library and even though I have never read Manga, this is one I am sooo looking forward to trying! Thanks for sharing.


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