Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Want It Wednesday

Release Date: 9/1/09

About the Book: Daughters of the Sea tells the story of 3 mermaid sisters who are separated at birth by a storm and go on to lead very different lives. Book 1 is about Hannah, who spent her early days at an orphanage and is now a scullery maid in the house of rich, powerful family. She is irresistibly drawn to the sea and through a series of accidents and encounters discovers her true identity. Hannah realizes that she must keep the truth a secret but she also knows that soon she will have to make the choice-to be a creature of the land or the sea.

GreenBeanTeenQueen Says: Mermaid stories seem to be rising in popularity, and this one sounds like it has some mystery in it, which I'm always up for. Plus, it's the start to a series!


  1. This book was on my amazon vine newsletter but I didnt get a chance to pick it up. I think this is historical fiction...but I dunno for sure. If there are any left over I'm going to snag a copy. I'm also going to get Ruined which looks fun.

  2. Yes, it has a historical setting - I think it's late 1800s/early 1900s Massachusetts.

    It's in my TBR pile and I can't remember the exact date it was set.

  3. Sounds interesting. I'll be waiting to see what you think of it first though :)

  4. And the cover is so attractive. I have a copy of this and can't wait to get into it. I hope you enjoy it, I'll look out for your review!


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