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My New Addiction

So I had this great afternoon of reading planned for Monday afternoon. I had my books all lined up and ready to go. But then I discovered that the New Super Mario Brothers for Wii was released on Sunday! I have been so excited for this game, I of course ran out and bought it.

And now I'm addicted. I can't stop playing!! The game plays like my Super Nintendo Super Mario Brothers game, which I loved. But this addiction is terrible because the end of the semester is coming up and I have reading and projects to work on and I have to have all my Gateway nomination ratings in by December 2!

Sigh...I'll get it all done, but I'll be taking game breaks for sure!

What distracts you from reading?


  1. Reading blog posts distracts me from reading!

  2. I wish video games distracted me from reading more often. I have an enormous TBP pile. My cat and random stuff on the internet distracts me from reading.

  3. YAY New Super Mario Brothers!!!! I've got it on my DS, and I LOVE it! I can't wait to get it for the Wii when I will be in the states in December.

  4. My son and I saw that at Costco yesterday and I was transported back to my college days and how much time I spent playing Super Mario Brothers...I have to buy this! My kids must know the joy (yeah, right, it's for the kids!).

  5. Oh my games. Self-confessed game geek here. Very happy to hear that the new Super Mario Bros plays like the "Super Nintendo Super Mario Brothers game" I think thats the best review I've heard yet. Still have lots of love for my old super 'tendo.

    The games I'm playing right now are LittleBigPlanet, Super Puzzle Fighter, and Eternal Sonata.

  6. So envious! I am waiting for my next paycheck. I'm glad to hear it's good!!

  7. This computer is a huge distraction, my kids are a pleasant distraction (especially when they want to play uno - which I love). There's this game on the computer called Bubble Shooter that I swear is going to rot my brain out because I sit and play it whenever I'm talking on the phone (and then sometimes for a half hour after I hang up the phone).

    I won't even get into the tv shows I like to watch. When it comes to the Wii though, I love Rock Band. :)

  8. The internet, my cats, TV, and a dirty house all distract me. :)

  9. @Alyce - I'm totally addicted to bubble shooters. Bubble Town is my new favorite. Have you seen the top 10 bubble shooter?


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