Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tween Tuesday

Tween Tuesday is a weekly feature where I highlight great reads for tweens!

Alcatraz Vs. the Evil Librarians by Brandon Sanderson

About the Book: On his thirteenth birthday, Alcatraz Smedry receives an inheritance from his parents, who he thought were long gone. Then a mysterious and crazy old man shows up at his door, claiming to be his grandfather and that Alcatraz must help save his inheritance from the evil librarians who are ruling the world. And so beings Alcatraz's humorous and fun-filled adventure unlike anything else.

GreenBeanTeenQueen Says: I don't normally do full reviews for Tween Tuesday, but I loved this book and I have to tell everyone about it! I'm so glad I picked this one up for my children's lit class-it's been one of my favorite reads all semester.

Brandon Sanderson fills his book with lots of action, lots of humor and lots of snark, which makes this a perfect read for all ages. It's action-packed with the story really taking off in the first couple of chapters. None of that spending pages and pages setting up the story-the reader jumps right in! The chapters all end in cliff hangers, which the author makes fun of, but it will keep readers turning the pages.

Alcatraz and his supporting cast are hilarious. Alcatraz is a klutz who is always breaking things, but it turns out that's his talent. Grandpa's talent is always arriving late to things, and Sing, Alcatraz's cousin can trip and fall. I loved how the author put everyday things that people are embarrassed about or frown upon and made them talents. I think young readers will appreciate the "I'm not different, I'm talented" statement.

Alcatraz often pulls away from the story and talks to the readers. He will make comments on what's happening in the story, about fantasy and about writing. Alcatraz's snarky comments I'm sure will be found fun by young readers, but I think this is where the book shines with older readers. Older readers will enjoy Sanderson's observations about how fantasy novels work, how a reader can never trust a writer, and how librarians are truly evil. I found myself laughing out loud while reading this one.

I think the Alcatraz series would make a great pick for fantasy fans of all ages, especially readers looking for something to read after the end of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. I plan on recommending this one often as I think it's a series worth reading and Brandon Sanderson is an author to keep an eye on-I hope he continues to write for young readers.

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  1. I read Alcatraz last year and loved it as well! The author has a few more out that I need to add to my collection.

  2. I'd never heard of this book. Thanks for sharing it! Sounds great.

  3. I love love LOVE Brandon Sanderson and his work. This was absolutely hilarious. When he went on his monologue about how writers like to torture people, I nearly died laughing. I bet you had more than one of those moments with his librarian comments. :D So is it true? Are you planning on taking over the world? :)

  4. I had a tween read this book and love it! Maybe I will have to check it out myself and see what all the fuss is about! :-)

  5. My link on Mr. Linky was wrong. Here's mine:


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