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Six Questions for Becca Fitzpatrick Plus Contest

So you've read my thoughts on Hush, Hush and you know I enjoyed it. I feel like I've gotten to Becca a little bit since we had a goofy Facebook encounter many months ago and then I participated in the Barnes and Noble First Look for Hush, Hush. So I of course had to share with you how cool and funny she is! Here's my six questions:

GreenBeanTeenQueen: Why fallen angels?
Becca Fitzpatrick: When I started writing Hush, Hush, I knew I wanted Patch to be the ultimate bad boy...but with a twist. He hadn't always been bad. In fact, at one point, he'd been really good, and something had caused this big change. While pondering what had caused Patch's fall from grace, the metaphor of “falling” that I was carrying around in my head became something quite literal – a fallen angel. Since I already knew Patch was going to be the ultimate bad boy, this revelation seemed perfect – after all, fallen angels are the original bad boys.

GreenBeanTeenQueen: If you were going to write an article for Nora's HS zine, what would the title be?
Becca Fitzpatrick: I like Vee's idea: “Seating Chart Takes Slap in the Face.” I was never a big fan of forced seating charts.

GreenBeanTeenQueen: Who's your biggest bad boy crush (fictional or real)?
Becca Fitzpatrick: I used to be crazy about Christian Bale. Then there was that whole blow-up-on-the-scene-of-Terminator: Salvation thing. Kind of killed my infatuation. I like Ethan Peck's character on the ABC show Ten Things I Hate About You.

GreenBeanTeenQueen: What's the best book you've read this year?
Becca Fitzpatrick: Best book, as in one? I want to list ten, so can we compromise on five? Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway was fantastic. I was completely sucked in by Destined for an Early Grave by Jeaniene Frost (I accidentally started with the fourth book in the series). I'm starting An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon right now, and even though I haven't finished, I can guarantee it will be one of my favs this year. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins was gripping – I stayed up all night to finish it. I've also been lucky enough to read some great books that don't come out until 2010 – Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins among them. It was brilliant.

GreenBeanTeenQueen: What social networking tool can you not live without?
Becca Fitzpatrick: I'm not good at the whole social networking thing – I'm so behind the times, I don't even own a cell phone! But I am finally figuring out Twitter. Facebook has been great, except it is a little weird seeing people I knew in high school, and knowing they can see me back...

GreenBeanTeenQueen: If I was going to make you a fancy dinner to celebrate Hush, Hush being on the NY Times Bestseller List (yay!) what food must be on the menu?
Becca Fitzpatrick: Wow! A Sarah Bean dinner?! I would so be there! I would ask for ice cream. I love ice cream. I don't eat dessert first, but I definitely peek at the dessert menu before ordering...

I would totally get you ice cream, Becca! Congrats on Hush, Hush making it on the NY Times Bestseller list! Have questions for Becca? Check out the Hush, Hush fan site where Becca stops by and answers questions from readers every week.

Wanna win a copy of Hush, Hush? Leave a comment below with a way to contact you and you'll be entered. (U.S. Addresses only) Contest ends November 22 at midnight (Central Time)

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  1. My good reads group is considering this for our first read! Also, I am a follower.

  2. I'd love this. Thanks for the giveaway.

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  3. Also, linked to your blog on Good Reads--does that count for 2?
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  4. I love reading books with fallen angels. Please count me in. :)

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  5. Hush Hush looks amazing times a bazillion and five. i want to read it sooooo bad:)

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  7. oh, I would love my very own shiny copy of this book. Please enter me for sure!!

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  8. I'd love a chance into this giveaway, my sister wants to read this book! Thanks

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  9. I'd love to be entered!
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  10. I love getting to know more about this author! Thanks for the interview. I'd love to enter the contest.

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  11. I would love a chance to win.

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  14. I would love to get this book! I'm a follower.

  15. Lovely interview. I agree with Becca, Audrey, Wait is a great book!

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  17. This book is at the top of my Christmas wish list! (I tweeted, too: jollygreen23)

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  18. I've been dying to get my hands on a copy of this book. Please include me in this drawing. Thanks! Indigo

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  19. Great contest!
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  20. Great contest, Please enter me!
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  21. Hey, Sarah! Thanks again for the interview :)

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