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Blog Tour: Tell Me A Secret by Holly Cupala

Tell Me a Secret - Worldwide Blog Tour

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Rating: 4/5 Stars

Genre: Contemporary

Release Date: 6/22/2010

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About the Book: Miranda has spent the past five years living in the shadow her sister, who died and left Miranda as part of a family that is falling apart. Her mother has always told her not to end up like her sister, but when two pink lines appear on a pregnancy test, Miranda's perfect daughter act is up. Her boyfriend has left her for her best friend, who might not really be a friend at all, she ditched her former best friend and now she won't talk to her, and all Miranda wants is her sister to help her through it all. Miranda searches for more about her sister's past and in the process finds out secrets about her sister-and discovers some she was hiding from herself.

GreenBeanTeenQueen Says: I wasn't sure what to think of Tell Me a Secret. It combines two big topics familiar to "issue novels"-dead sibling lit and teen pregnancy lit-and how exactly were these two going to work together? At first I wasn't sure where the book was taking me-the first couple of chapters left me feeling lost and I was sure if it was past or present, but I soon got the feel of the book which alternates between flashbacks and present day to tell the whole story.

My heart broke for Miranda. She's so lost and lonely and some of the choices she makes-namely her friendships-are so horrible to read about. You know she's traveling down a bad path, but she doesn't and it's hard to read about it. You want to reach in and warn her and hug her and help her see the truth. And her mother is one of the worst mother's I have read about-she's awful which made scenes with her hard to get through. It did give the book an interesting twist, with the father as the submissive one and the mother the stronger parent who is feared.

There were moments of this book that were so emotionally heartbreaking that I had to pull myself away for a moment. I had to take a few days after I read it to full digest the whole book too. It's an emotional read but also not so emotional that it's hard to read. There's hope and that's what I love about YA-even when life is at it's bleakest, there's hope and that shows through in YA novels more than any adult book I've read.

I thought the story was going to be predictable and I thought I knew where things were going. And while I had some things figured out, other's I didn't, so I was glad that the author could keep me guessing. I did feel like I would have liked to know more about Xanda, Miranda's sister, but I guess we got what we needed to know about her and this to be Miranda's story. I also had a hard time forgiving some of the characters, but was glad to see that things were trying to work out. I did like that the ending is not a nice tidy little bow-this is realistic fiction and there are consequences to Miranda's choices. It does end happier than it could have, but I didn't think it felt like an out of place fairy tale ending.

I plan to give Tell Me A Secret to my teens who ask for realistic fiction-I think the story will be something they'll be excited about. I would love to pair it with The Sky Is Everywhere for a book discussion or lit circle. It'd be interesting to look at how the two main characters handle grief.

Full Discloure: reviewed from ARC sent by publisher for review as part of blog tour

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  1. I posted her book trailer to my blog after watching it. It's one of the coolest trailers I've seen, and it definitely makes me want to read the book! A couple of my students that blog with me want to read her book as well after watching the trailer. Is she a 2010 debut author?

  2. Sarah-Yep, Holly's book just came out and she's a 2010 debut author. I hope you and your students enjoy the book!


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