Monday, August 8, 2011

Speak Loudly Update

So remember several months ago when a gentlemen in Republic Missouri tried to ban Speak, Slaughterhouse Five, and Twenty Boy Summer from the school library? This banning hit home because I live very close to Republic and actually share a library system with Republic. Well, a couple of weeks ago (I know, I'm late in posting-forgive my busy Summer Reading Porgram self, OK?) the school decided to save Speak, but decided Slaughterhouse Five and Twenty Boy Summer were not appropriate. The worst part is that several of the board members didn't even show up to vote and only one that did show up had actually read the books. They also claimed they weren't basing it on "moral choices" but then had issues with the morals in the books (so it wasn't a moral choice then? I'm confused!)

I'm happy to report though that people are still taking a stand. Currently there is a long waiting list at the library to read Twenty Boy Summer and Slaughterhouse Five. I'm also very proud of my library for applying and winning the Judith Krug Memorial Fund to help our library system celebrate Banned Books Week. This is huge because in the years I have worked at my library system, we've never celebrated Banned Books Week, so I'm thrilled to take a stand against banning books. And for all of you who are close by, stay tuned because we may have some very cool special guests!!

I also love that the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library recieved a donation of Slaughterhouse Five and are mailing them free to students who live in Republic.

So continue to speak loudly, take a stand against banning books, and show your support!


  1. Can't believe the hypocrisy... only one read the books? And Slaughterhouse Five isn't appropriate?! Huh? Keep us in the loop. Just tweeted your post.

  2. Yeah, the best quote in the news article is about how Slaughterhouse Five is "college material" and not appropriate for their students. Yet, they forget that the book was for an upper level honors class-so we don't want students prepared for college?

  3. I have 2 of these books on my TBR list now after reading your previous post about them.

    Thanks for the update!

  4. That's really exciting Sarah. Congratulations to you and your library!

  5. That's crazy - but I"m glad that the library is celebrating Banned Books and that the patrons are able to read them :)Sad story about books, but great about the library's efforts.

  6. I think it's so sad when books get banned. Other people simply don't have the right to dictate what others can or cannot read. An individual can decide for him(or her)self whether a book is "appropriate" to read for themselves.
    Glad to hear they're taking a stand!

    Paper Bird

  7. I think this is so ridiculous...I can't believe anyone should be allowed to make a decision about whether the content of a book is appropriate without even reading it...this whole situation drove me to check out Twenty Boy Summer, and I hope that's the effect its having overall. Also, after reading it it is infuriating that this man is making a fuss about the sex in the is so not the point! GRR! I am glad your library won that grant- that's great!


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