Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Twilight Gives Love Advice

I was browsing through coming soon titles today and came across this book:

From the Book: Combining elements from the popular Twilight saga with accessible pop psychology, a guide to finding eternal love
Stephanie Meyer's supernatural romance saga has inspired millions of people worldwide with its tale of a young girl torn between two apparently perfect loves. Many fans are now on the hunt for their own real-life Edward or Jacob. Luckily for all the Twilight fans out there, this book uncovers the seven secret steps towards true love. Inspired by the saga, these secrets reveal the relevance of Bella's experiences to your own love life, explain your feelings for Edward and Jacob, and expose the perils of Twilight's powerful, romantic messages.

I was just talking with friends the other night about what terrible relationship models are in Twilight! I can't believe this is actually a book (out May 1!). All I can hope is that the book tells girls not to be a wet blanket like Bella but instead tells them to make friends, stand up for yourself and not wait around for a boy to save you. Anyone else think this is a bad idea? 


  1. This honestly scares me. I have a friend who has a very unhealthy obsession with Jacob Black, and to think that there's going to be a book encouraging more girls to fall in love in a twilight-ish fashion worries me. What is this world coming to?!?!?!?!?

  2. I am the first to say that the characters in Twilight are terrible examples of what young people should be looking for in their lasting relationships. Examples:

    1. Don't date anyone who likes to sneak into your room and watch you sleep.
    2. Don't date anyone who constantly throws him/herself into danger so that you will have to save him/her.
    3. Don't date someone who leaves you alone in the woods after breaking your heart.
    4. Don't date people with violent tendancies, one of these times you will be the recipient.
    5. Don't get married because you want to be turned into a vampire, especially right after you graduate from high school.

    I could go on...but you get the idea. Apparently, we should collaborate on a book that advertises the opposite!

  3. EXACTLY! Abby-I agree with your list-we could go on and on. I think this book is way late in jumping in on the Twilight trend as well as being a horrible example of relationships.

  4. Maybe it's a joke?? That's what I thought as soon as I saw the cover. But, you never know!

  5. Getting relationship advice from TWILIGHT is like getting dining etiquette tips from Jeffrey Dahmer.

  6. I work in a high school library and can think of a couple girls who would love this book- makes me not want to buy it though- they're already too obsessed!

  7. i saw this and wanted to cry.


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