Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Elizabeth Wein Book!!!

How did I not know about this?? I'm blaming it on still coming out of a 2012 book fog and entering the real non-committee world again.

But how exciting is this news?

Elizabeth Wein has a companion to Code Name Verity coming later this year!

The book is called Rose Under Fire and it's not a sequel but a companion where Maddie makes an appearance but is a new story about a new character.

I love and adore Code Name Verity and the story obviously holds a very special place in my heart. I can 't wait to read it. Who else is excited?


  1. I knew a companion was coming, but not the name or that it was this year! How exciting!

  2. I'm so excited to see an official goodreads page for this-I knew it was coming but didn't know it was this year!

  3. Eeeeee!!!! I had no idea this was coming, but I am SO EXCITED NOW! (And I have no excuse for not knowing other than having a boyfriend has really cut into my blog reading time. :)


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