Monday, February 18, 2013

Post Downton Abbey Reading List

Downton Abbey is over (with a shocking and frustrating ending!) and now I'm suffering Downton Abbey withdrawal. I've got a reading list full of books that I hope will satisfy my post-Downton Abbey cravings and I thought I'd share what's in my pile and get suggestions for other after Downton reads. Here's what I hope to be reading this year (a mix of YA and adult titles):



                 A couple Julian Fellowes reads:


 And a few re-reads:


Edited to add:

What's on your Post-Downton Abbey reading list?


  1. Great list. I actually just posted on this topic over at YALSA's The Hub earlier today. You have many of the same books I included, but you might find a few more of interest over on that list:

  2. Love this list! I'm very excited to read Belle Epoque!

  3. Calispina-Great minds think alike! :)

    Molly-Me too! I love the cover!

  4. I loved THE UNINVITED GUESTS! Highly recommend that one. And i had no idea Julian Fellowes had written novels, too. Those intrigue me. Also, have you read any Kate Morton books? THE HOUSE AT RIVERTON has a lot of DOWNTON similarities, and it's just wonderful. I've got her other books on my TBR list now too.


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