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Review Policy

Here's my review policy as of March 2013:

Reviewing Policy:

I am willing to accept most types of books, but I focus on young adult and middle grade fiction. My favorite genres are romance, paranormal, historical, science fiction and fantasy, although I am open to other genres. I will accept books from all publishers. I do not accept self-published books and some independent books at this time. I will accept emails from authors and publishers for review requests, but only respond if it is a title I am interested in.

I can not guarantee a positive review, but will be open and honest in all my reviews. I will also not guarantee a review of every book I receive. I will notify authors and publishers when a review is posted if provided with contact information.

In addition to blogging, I work full time as a librarian. I am also heavily involved in work for ALA and my state library association. This means I have a lot of commitments outside of my blog that must come first. I love blogging, but I want to keep reading an enjoyable fun activity, so I may need to take a break for work or personal reasons at times and I may need to read something outside of my review pile once in awhile. Please understand that I want to keep blogging fun and manageable, so there may be delays in receiving a review and I apologize for those delays.

Please send all questions/comments to greenbeanteenqueen (at) gmail (dot) com


  1. This is good. I just posted mine too. I've been reading articles and conversations about having one so I decided I'd better get something done.

  2. It's been helpful to see others' review policies. I've been able to fine tune mine in areas I'd previously left too gray. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Yeah, it's helped to read other people's review policies to write up my own. I figured it was about time I actually posted one!:)

  4. Oh, this is good :) Looking at your review policy has really helped me make mine better. Actually, I have a question. How do I contact publishers to let them know that I'm wanting ARCs for review? Is there something I have to do, or someone I need to to contact? Or do they just randomly send you books and BOOM you're an awesome blogger?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question. I'm just interested in doing this and I don't know who else to ask

  5. Hi Scarlett-Not a stupid question at all! Sometimes publishers will put contact information about ARCs on thier sites. I actually started out reviewing what I could get at the library and what I had in my personal book collection. As my blog grew, I started getting contacted more. It also helps that I'm also a librarian, so I can make connections at conferences.

    If you do e-mail publishers, remember to include blog stats and info about your blog and don't demand anything and be polite. I never liked the idea of e-mailing them, but some people do it, so as long as you're nice about it and don't expect them to send you things just because you have a blog, I think it's ok.

    And don't worry about reviewing older books-that's a great way to get started and build up your blog. If you have any other questions, let me know!


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