Saturday, March 14, 2009

Where do you Read?

I take books with me everywhere and I pretty much always have an audiobook going in my car and my office. I read everywhere I can-waiting for appointments, at lunch, on break, at home, in the bathtub (I'm really careful not to drop my books in!)-I always have a book with me.

Whenever we go out to eat, I take a book with me so I can read while we're waiting for a table. My fiance Andy makes fun of me for this and hates that I do it because I "ignore" him. I tell him he gets my attention all through dinner, so he can give me the 10-15 minute wait to read a book, especially since I'm reading books for review!

Last night we went to TGI Friday's and when we walked through the crowd of waiting people to put our name in I noticed a guy standing against the wall reading a book while he was waiting. (I think he was late teens-early 20s, but I'm not for sure. He was reading a mystery.) I laughed as I pulled mine out too and said "See Andy? I'm not the only one who does this!" Reader guy laughed too and said "yeah, there's nothing better than reading while you're waiting for a table or waiting for your food or something." I replied that I read everywhere too and we went on reading while everyone else at Friday's stood around bored. I love when book lovers unite!:)

So now I'm interested in finding out where you read? Anywhere unusual?


  1. I also take a book with me everywhere! Sometimes my family gets mad at me.
    -Senfaye :)

  2. Haha, I try not to read when I'm supposed to be hanging out with people. My boyfriend doesn't like it when I read around him either. But we've figured out a compromise, and now we're able to study/read together very efficiently!

    Unfortunately I don't seem to take my readings around with me as much as I'd like. There's always fun reading in my backpack, but sometimes there is not enough time to do the fun reading!

  3. I usually take a book to appointments, but I mostly read at home. My hubby loves watching movies, so I usually sit next to him and read a book as he watches what he wants to watch. I have a good talent of tuning everything out when I am reading...including my hubby...:)

  4. I do try not to read when I'm with another person (try being the operative word here!) But one of my very favorite indulgences is going out for a nice dinner by myself with a book. Good food, an hour or two left alone to read - my idea of heaven!

  5. I mostly read at home when I'm or other family member are watching tv. I also read during my study halls, and even in class. But strangely I can't read in a moving car or a moving vehicle I get like major headaches. But sometimes I can read if i'm listening to music.

  6. I always have a book or two in my bag (just in case I finish one). I usually read in the fifteen minutes before my classes start, really antisocial I know, but I don't care. lol I also read at lunch, and whenever I'm in bed. :)

  7. I will read absolutely anywhere. My friends tend to make fun of me about it but who cares? I sometimes even bring two just in case I finish the first one.

  8. HAH!:) That's so funny;)
    i only know 2 guys that are as obsessed with reading as me. I also read 24/7. It's making me seriously sleep deprived though:)

  9. I've read just about everywhere but my bathtub. I have seen what my magazines look like after a bath, and I can't bear to put my books through that. I've never dropped a magazine in, but sometimes I forget that my hands are wet when I turn the page.

    I've read in restaurants, but only when I'm by myself. The exception to that is that if my husband and I are travelling we will split a newspaper and both read silently during breakfast. Neither of us are ready to have a conversation that early.

    I took a book to a football game once. That's about as unusual a place as I can think. (The book got ruined too - a coke spilled on it.)

  10. That's awesome, and it's cool when a GUY will read, b/c you have to admit...they are usually the minority when it comes to seeing people out and about reading a book.

    I read a lot as well...though I don't always have a book with me. I really should though, b/c I'll be somewhere and wish I had one b/c i'm bored...unusual place I've read though? walking around a clothes sister and mom were looking and i held the book, reading, and followed worked!


  11. I do read in the bathtub, but I've never dropped anything yet... knock on wood!

  12. I read while I am sleeping. That is, I reread. I almost always dream about the books I've read (which seems strange since reading WAKE). In the last week I've been: Gregor (the overlander), Tally (an ugly), Janie ( a dream jumper), Ali (a haunted girl), and took part in a scary birthday party (from THE BIG ONE-OH). Good times.

  13. I live in one of the prettiest towns on the face of the earth, and I love sitting on my front porch on scorching summer days with a glass of tea and a pile of books and reading my days of summer vacation away.

    It's even better when those lovely summer storms brew on the horizon and while I'm one page the air is golden and everything is warm, and the next turn everything is drenched and green.


  14. I used to read in the bathtub and I never got a book wet, but I mostly shower now so that's nixed. I think the oddest thing I do is I read while i'm online. I'll be talking to someone and if I get bored I'll pick my book up and read when they're quiet.


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