Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Something, Maybe by Elizabeth Scott

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Genre: Contemporary

Release Date: 3/29/2009

About the Book: Hannah's parents are embarassing. Hannah's mom, Candy Madison, is a former "celebrity" who's known for a certain revealing pizza commercial, a short lived TV show, and being the girlfriend of famous playboy and Hannah's father, Jackson James. She doesn't talk to her dad and her mom spends most of her time in online fan chats.

Hannah wishes she was a normal girl with a normal life who could attract the attention of her co-worker Josh, who is obviously her soul mate (he just doesn't realize it). But the annoying Finn keeps getting in the way, and for some reason Hannah can't stop thinking about him.

GreenBeanTeenQueen Says: I had been in a reading slump before I started the 48 Hour Book Challenge so even though I was looking forward to reading, I wasn't sure if I'd find books I'd want to read straight through. Lucky for me Something, Maybe was near the top of my pile, because without it (and Melissa Walker's wonderful Lovestruck Summer), I don't think I could have made it.

I don't know how Elizabeth Scott does it, but she continues to amaze me with every book. Can I just bottle some of her talent please? Something, Maybe is the perfect love story, but it's not just a romance. It's a story about loss, family, acceptance and forgiveness. It goes beyond what a light romance typically does without feeling like a heavy issue book. How Elizabeth Scott pulls all this off is what makes reading this book so much fun.

The most amazing thing to me that Elizabeth Scott pulls off in this book is that I was totally drawn in to Hannah's world. When Hannah feels frustrated with her father, I felt frustrated. When she was upset, I was upset and when she was happy I cheered with her. I really emotionally connected with the story and the characters, which made this one such a rewarding read.

And Finn....sigh....I love Finn.

If you haven't picked this one up yet, put it to the top of your reading pile now! Something, Maybe is my new must have book for Summer Reading.


  1. OMG I seriously want to read this one! But I before I got the chance to read it, it was due back at the library...Boo hoo! ):

  2. I love Elizabeth Scott's work, it's funny, fresh and has such a great voice. Unfortunately I have yet to read this one but I am dying to get my hands on it. Great review!

  3. Lovestruck Summer got me out of a reading slump too! I'll have to read this one next!

  4. This is the only book of Elizabeth Scott's that I've read. I definitely plan on picking up more of her work. I absolutely loved this book too!

  5. Awesome review! I'm so glad you liked this one as it's currently sitting on my desk to be read before it's due back at the library.


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