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Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carman

Rating: 3 Stars

Genre: Horror/Scary Story

Release Date: 2/10/2009

About the Book: Something mysterious is happening in Skeleton Creek. Friends Ryan and Sarah are close to finding out, but ever since the accident, they are forbidden to see each other. Ryan is isolated at home, writing everything down in his journal. Sarah is taking videos of what she finds and sending them to Ryan. Together they're about to find something very haunting...

GreenBeanTeenQueen Says: First off, I love the format of this book. It's told through Ryan's journal entries mixed in with videos from Sarah, which readers can access online with the passwords given in the book. The mystery itself is plenty scary and will give readers a good fright.

I've been booktalking this to my middle schoolers and they get so excited when I say they get to watch videos along with reading. I have a group of students that are eager to get their hands on this one, so I'm sure it will be a hit with younger readers. This is a great pick for tweens, but older readers who enjoy scary stories will enjoy it too.

I hope Patrick Carman writes more about Ryan and Sarah! (Actually he needs to-I can't be left hanging!)


  1. I'm pretty sure ther are more to come..not positive though. anyway, nice review. i really want to read this too. it sounds great. :)


  2. This looks a little too scary for me! LOL! :)

  3. Lauren-I think there has to be more to come too. I can't wait to pass this one on to my teens.

    Alyce-It was pretty scary-I made my fiance read it with me!:)


  4. I wasn't sure how I felt about the book that you have to watch videos with. I often read outside or in the car but I am intrigued for sure.

  5. Creepy! Not to mention the video aspect of it - reading scary stories is scary enough, but I think watching scary movies is even more scary! The two together? *shudder*

    It's a pretty cool idea though! To combine two different medias for the same story!


  6. Oh wow, this sounds really scary! I would probably be too scared to read it...

  7. Erika Lynn-The videos are cool, but I think you'd be ok reading ahead without them (except for the last one)

    Cecilia-Yeah, the videos really upped the scare factor of the book-it makes it more real. It's a really cool idea, so I'm interested to see how other readers react.

    Ann-Haha, I was almost too scared to read it too-that's why I recruited my fiance to read it with me!:)


  8. OK I didn't know this had interactive stuff for the internet! I'll have to check it out.

  9. This sounds interesting, but it will become obsolete pretty quickly. What if the apocalypse hits and the internet is gone; what do you do then?


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