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Happy Support Teen Lit Day with my Favorite Teen Reads

This week is National Library Week-so visit your library and give a shout out to your librarian for all their hard work! Today is Support Teen Literature Day, so be sure to talk up some teen books, participate in Operation Teen Book Drop, an d then sit back and enjoy a great teen read.

In honor of support teen lit day, I'm posting about my top five favorite books I read as a teen (which yes, was awhile ago). This was a hard list to come up with, partially because I read a lot more as a kid than a teen (teen lit didn't really start to take off until after I was out of high school) and partially because I felt like because I couldn't find anything in our measly little teen section of the library, and because I was a good reader, I had to suffer through all those horrid adult books-which I hated. Let this be a lesson to you all-don't be afraid to ask a librarian for book suggestions-I was shy and never thought to ask. And don't think that just because you're growing up and can read a higher level you have to read all those bestsellers. Read what makes you happy. Ok, on to my list:

1. Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery-ok, yes I did read this as a child too, but it's number one on my list because when my high school switched to block scheduling we had a required 20min. reading time twice a week in seminar/study hall, I pulled out my old copies of Anne and got truly lost in the books. I would have to bring myself back to reality and I really felt like I was there in the book with Anne and friends-that's true book magic. This series has something for everyone no matter what your age.

2. Roswell High by Melinda Metz-This was my addiction in high school-I love this series. And yes it was the basis for the WB show Roswell, although they changed it up and I stopped watching. But pretty much it's a series about teen aliens in high school. Totally soapy and teen but I would wait eagerly for the next book release. I got all my friends in high school hooked. It was our high school Harry Potter.

3. Fingerprints by Melinda Metz-Ms. Metz's second series about a girl who can hear the last thought someone had when she touches their fingerprint. Of course, she thinks she's going crazy, joins up in this therapy group, meets a hottie guy who believes her and solves a mystery. This one was shorter than Roswell High and ended kind of sudden, but it was another addicting series and I eagerly awaited each release.

-If you can find either of the Metz series at a used bookstore or library I highly recommend them!!

4. Catherine, Called Birdy by Karen Cushman-Not necessarily a teen book, but it didn't come out until I was a teen, and when I read this in seventh grade I was in love. Catherine is a great main character and her diary entries over how she avoids the men her father is trying to get her to marry is so much fun. Plus, it's an interesting look at medieval life. Catherine stayed with me long after I finished this book and I think she paved the way for more contemporary diary format books.

5. Ruby in the Smoke by Philip Pullman-One of the few books I found in the teen section of our library-and I was sold on it purely by the cover. This is a book that while I enjoyed, didn't really stick out as a favorite when I first read it. But over the years I've found myself thinking back on this book and remembering it and wanting to read it again, so it's on my top reads of my teen years.


  1. I definitely second the ageless appeal of Anne of Green Gables and Catherine Called Birdy!

  2. The only book on your list I've read is Anne of the Green Gables. I don't really remember the content but I remember it was a really enjoyable read.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I still love Anne of Green Gables, it really is a story you can read at any age. I completely forgot about the Roswell High books. I really liked the TV series, and tried getting the books, but with a small town library, not much choices.


  5. Steph Su-I think those books will always be among my favorites.

    Thao-I love the Anne books and the Anne movies-have you seen those?

    Amber-The Roswell High series is harder to find now, but I really liked it. The TV show was ok, but started to veer too far from the books so I stopped watching.

  6. I loved both of the Melinda Metz series. The original Roswell High books were much better than the TV series. I wonder what happened to her? She wrote one book after which was really different and I didn't like it (Raven's Point) then she seemed to stop writing. :(

  7. I loved Catherine, Called Birdy...I still find myself looking for that book for a nice reread.

  8. Rebecca-I wish I could find her now. I loved her YA stuff and wish she was still writing. I never read Raven's Point because it didn't seem like something I'd like. I know she worked a little on the Roswell High TV show, but after that, I have no clue.

    Jayme-Isn't that great reread?

  9. I never read the Roswell High books, but I loved the Fingerprints books.


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