Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Things that make Librarians Laugh

I was helping one of my regular teens with a project on video games today and was able to help him find two book sources that he needed. He then came and asked me if I had any headphones he could borrow to use for the computer and I said that I did. He responded:

"You're awesome! You're like my new best friend...aside from my mom!"

That quote totally made my day! :)


  1. lol can understand that..however check out the BBC report on a cat that attends a library everyday in Kent (England)

    Puss in Books, library cat..

  2. Awww! Stuff like that makes being a teen librarian so freakin' awesome, right?

  3. That's so sweet! And how cool that he thinks of his mom as a friend.

  4. Lol. That is such a sweet thing to say!

  5. That's what I was going to say, it's so cool he thinks of his mom as a friend. How old was he?

  6. That is totally (sweet) laugh worthy!


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