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My TBR Pile-or how do I decide what to read next

So there have been some interesting posts lately about blogging, free books, ARCs and what do you accept. I got this idea from Books are Life. I've been looking through my In My Mailbox posts and even though I post a lot of books at times, I don't have reviews for all of them (yet). So I thought I'd give you an idea of how I organize my TBR pile and I'd love to hear how everyone else does theirs.

First up in my pile are books that are sent to me for review, either from the author, publisher or These are the books that I pull from first. I try to read them in order recieved and by the time they are released, but there are times I get really excited about a book or I know the author is looking for some early buzz, so I'll read those sooner. I do try and put my TRT books before others, because that is a professional site, and not just my personal blog, but I'll switch between and read one for TRT and then the next for my blog.

After that comes books I buy or get from the library. Sometimes I get ARCs through the library. Just because these are ARCs, they have to come second in my pile, because I've promised reviews on the other books first. There are times that I will move a library book up and finish it quickly because it's due and there's a big hold list so I know it will be awhile before I get it back. And sometimes I just really need to read something light and fun.

I think in my future mailbox posts I will put a disclaimer with library books that a review is not guaranteed. There have been many many times I've posted that I checked out a book, but then had to return it because I just didn't get a chance to read it. But I like talking about the books, so I don't want to stop posting them, and I love reading comments on what people have read and enjoyed. It's really hard to limit my library check out since I'm around new books every day, but maybe I need to! :)

I have a couple of sources that send me ARCs, but most of what I review are books from the library or ones I've bought. I will accept books from authors and publishers, but only if I have time to read it and it sounds like something I'd like. Some bloggers were talking about canned e-mails, and while I haven't gotten any of those, I have gotten onto some e-mail list for books review books that I am not interested in at all! When that happens, I reply with a professional and honest e-mail explaining that while I'm glad they are interested in my blog, I don't read that type of book/don't have time, whatever my reason for not reviewing the book.

I just wanted to clarify how my TBR pile works. Even though there are books that get snuck in there, I try my best to stick to this order. But if Catching Fire were to magically appear on my desk one day, that would totally jump ahead in the pile! :)


  1. I read and review all my author/publisher/TRT ones first as well...I think I've only really read a couple books this year that I'd bought and one of those were Fade, so yeah...I have a lot that I won or bought and it's hard to not read those, but I really do try and focus on the ones I NEED to get too opposed to the ones I just want to read...but one of these days, if my TBR pile goes down, I want to focus on going back and forth between my own books a little more and maybe have some more reviews that not everyone is reviewing, you know?


  2. Catching Fire needs to magically appear on my desk too!

    Your system seems pretty put- together... I am all over the place!

  3. Lauren-I know, I feel like I will never get caught up. I think that's why I'll let other books slip in-otherwise I fear I'll never get to them! I try to read and review older books or maybe a book no one else is really pushing, just so I have something different once in awhile.

    Cupcakewitch-haha, it sounds put together, but it feels like its not!:)

  4. I haven't been to the library in at least 6 months...Ours isn't very good anyway. I have enough other books to keep me busy for YEARS. And yeah, Catching Fire would go to the top of my pile!

  5. When I receive ARC's I try to get the review done the week before the release, sometimes it's closer to the release date though. I organize my TBR by release date. :)

  6. It's really sad, I have had to stop getting books from my library because I always end up taking them back unread. I'm just lacking on time I guess lol.

    Great post, and thanks for the shout out :]

  7. Lenore-I'm sorry your library isn't very good! But I'm sure you've got a long list as it is. I really can't wait to read Catching Fire!

    Brooke Reviews-I do a mix of release date and when it was recieved. Confusing, but it works.

    Bookloverforever-Yeah, I end up taking most of mine back too, because I just can't get to them in time. The nice thing is our account keeps track of our check out history, so I can look online to see what I've checked out but didn't get a chance to read.

  8. I don't get a lot of ARC's but I read them right away, write a review, and save it for just a bit before the book comes out. Then I just read as normal and review anything I have a strong opinion about. ^_^


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