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Sorry Book, I'm Just Not Into You

I first saw this idea on The Story Siren and Kristi is awesome and said I could use it!:) I really do try to finish every book that I read, but I also give myself a 50 page rule (or longer depending on the length of the book). I really do believe that there's a book for every reader and sometimes a book just isn't for me-or it's just not the right time. And I tell my teens all the time that if you're not liking a book, don't spend your time on it! Don't force yourself to finish something that you're not enjoying-why would you like reading if you did that? So here's some recent reads I'm just not into. Just because I couldn't get into this books doesn't mean you should pass on them. Give them a try and let me know what you think! (My teens love challenging me on books!)

Greek: Double Date by Marsha Warner
-Ok, so maybe this one wasn't for me because I haven't seen the show. And you know, normally I don't mind Christian stereotypes in books, but for some reason the Christian character in this book really annoyed me-and honestly they were pretty nice to him so I don't know what it was. I guess I just get frustrated at times by media portrayal of Christians-I'm totally not like that but call myself a Christian. So my frustration made me put this one down. But I think fans of the show would probably like it.

Nonna's Book of Mysteries by Mary Osborne
-I was really excited about this one-I loved the magic/history premise. But I found it to be too slow for what I wanted at the time. (I can have very picky reading tastes and a book has to match my mood!) I'm hoping I can get some of my teens to review this one for me and I might pick it up again if the mood strikes.

The Summer of Skinny Dipping by Amanda Howells
-Again, my picky mood came into play. I can only handle so many sad books. And once I realized this was going to be a sad book, I just couldn't finish it. I can only do so much sad book at a time and I recently read another one that tore out my heart strings. This one is going into the hands of my teen who loves Nicholas Sparks and eats up anything sad-she'll love it I'm sure!

The Julian Game by Adele Griffin
-I don't know why this one didn't work for me. The flow of the chapters and story just didn't seem to work. But I keep reading great reviews, so I'm going to have to give this another shot sometime. And it's another one I'm adding to my teen review collection and I'm eager to hear their thoughts!

Have you read anything recently you just weren't into?


  1. I do the same thing, Sarah. The latest one was Meg Cabot's Insatiable. I just couldn't get into it. Maybe it's because I don't read adult, or I'm over the vampire thing, but I read a couple chapters into it and just was not a fan. (and I normally love Meg Cabot!)

  2. Abby-I almost added Insatiable to this list! I got a few chapters in and I just wasn't loving it. I think I'm somewhat burnt out on the vampire thing too. But I usually love Meg Cabot's books-and I've read a couple of her adult books and enjoyed them. I'm hoping I can pick it up again and give it another try. I'm glad I'm not alone on that one!!

  3. I love this idea!! I have two current ones: Paranormalacy (the voice is grating on my nerves plus I think I just loved the cover) and two is Fever Crumb which is really, really clever but I just don't care about it.

  4. Javajump-See I liked Paranormalcy! Every book has a reader and some book just aren't for me! I've heard good things about Fever Crumb but I have a hard time with Steampunk for some reason, so I haven't picked it up.

  5. Moby Dick and Common Sense. Both have been English class assignments. They both give me the urge to stab something.

  6. I had a really hard time getting into Plain Kate but I kept going and eventually did enjoy it.

  7. I find the first chapter has to grab me or I'm not inclined to read much further - and usually it doesn't have anything to do with the book itself, but my reading mood!

  8. Your blog is amazing!!! I wish I could follow (my work computer won't allow it) so when I get home I have you bookmarked to come back over!!! Of course feel free to stop by my place :)

    What a cool blog concept! I've never thought to do books that I was unable to finish and put it up for the world to decide if they could handle it! What a great way for a few more books to get that second chance with someone else!

    I can say I haven't read any of them but a few look appealing!!!

  9. I really liked The Summer of Skinny Dipping - I thought it was a really different read. I have the same rule about books. Lately I couldn't get into Girl Parts or Nomansland. Both I have been working on for about a month and I still am only about 50 or so pages in because they're so slow.

  10. Great post! I just couldn't get into Extraordinary by Nancy Werlin for a multitude of reasons. I was so sad, too, because I loved Impossible. :(

  11. Shiver and Linger. Ugh! And The Haunted by Jessica Verday. Of course, it totally picked up at the end and I will read the thrid book...Loved Paranormalcy!

  12. I'm currently reading A Kiss in Time by Alex Flinn, and I am just not feeling it. I really loved Beastly and was hoping for another great retold, contemporary fairy tale, but the voice of Talia, the three hundred year-old "Sleeping Beauty" is just annoying. I'll keep at it for a couple more nights, but if I'm not done by the weekend, I'm moving on!

  13. I always feel guilty putting a book down or returning it to the lirary I'm hurting the author's feelings or something...crazy I know. But you're right, there are books that perfect for some readers and not for others. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was one for me..I tried..everyone was raving about it but I only got to page 100.

  14. Okay, I will continute to plug away at Paranormalacy! You guys have convinced me. Sometimes I think it is just my mood, I was so blown away by The Duff-maybe I should not have picked Para. up right after.
    Megan- I really liked Shiver (re:not loved) but Linger was so boring!!!
    Also, I remembered this summer while reading Sisters Red (which everyone was raving about) but I really didn't like it. For two chicks who were supposed to be kick ass, there was scene after scene of a man coming to save them from sudden death. Disappointing. I had to put it down.

  15. Sam-School books are the worst! UGH!

    Sarah-I haven't picked up Plain Kate for that reason-it looked too slow for me.

    Belle-I really want the first chapter to grab me too! And don't tell me sometime on the jacket flap or back of the book that's not going to happen for 100 pages!

    Jen-Thanks for visiting!

    Erica-See? There's a reader for every book! I haven't gotten to Girl Parts yet-I'm undecided on if I think it looks good.

    Lit for Lunch_I keep hearing that about Extraordinary, which is sad because I loved Impossible too!

    Megan-Ha! I loved Shiver and Linger!:)

    Natalie-I loved Beastly too and haven't picked up A Kiss In Time because I read reviews that said the same thing. I just found out my library has the audiobook narrated by one of my favorite narrators so I might try it that way.

    Library Gal-My husband can't book a book down-he forces himself to finish it and it drives me nuts! I haven't read The Girl...series-just doesn't seem like my type of read.

    JavaJump-Yes, do keep at Paranormalcy! I've done that too, where I pick up a GREAT book and love it and then the books that follow don't quite match up-they're still good, but I don't love them like I did the other. And I feel sort of left out now-I really liked Shiver and Linger!:) Sisters Red is on my TBR pile, so I'll be sure to post a review when I read it!

  16. I LOVED Paranormalcy, and Shiver. But, I have to say, Linger was kinda boring for me too. I think Forever will be better for me.

  17. I know I'm going to be a loner when I say this, but I have never been able to get into Sarah Dessen books, at all. I always fall in love with the covers, but the books are kind of. . .blah, for me.

  18. I'm jealous...a book has to be really, really awful for me to put it aside. I feel like I'm giving up or something. I did read the summer of skinny dipping and I don't think I loved it. I read Shiver and thought it was OK, so I read Linger. And now that I'm 2/3 of the way through, I figure I might as well see the trilogy through to the end before I make a final decision LOL

    The Julian Game is on my to-read list...

  19. It took a looooong time for me to realize that I was "allowed" to not finish a book! For some reason, I just felt that once I started, I had to matter how excruciating (this was how I finished the LOTR trilogy...ugh). I now have a 50-100 page makes life better in a small way.

    P.S. I loved Shiver and Linger too!


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