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My Favorite Childhood TV Memories

So Taren over at The Chick Manifesto posted recently about her favorite childhood TV shows, which made me realize that as far as TV shows, Taren and I are twins! Check out her post for some of my other favorites (and yes, I really do remember Today's Special) Her post also got me thinking about what shows I loved and turns out a lot them were based in books or reading somehow. My love of reading and my future profession were evident early on I think. Some of these are from my very young childhood and some are from my tween years.

Favorite show EVER!! I used to practice my blurb for the end of the show with my library books (turns out this was great preperation for a future in booktalking at the library!) My favorite episodes were-Mama Don't Allow, the one where LeVar went to a diner and there were goats-I don't remember much else about it or the book they read, but I loved it, and the one with the teamwork dance number at the end. Great show-I wish it was still on. LeVar mentioned on his twitter awhile back he was working on a Reading Rainbow type show for adults-I hope it happens!!

Ok, so they didn't do quite as much reading, but there was lots of dancing and singing and I loved it. I wanted to be Whazzat-I was so upset when she was in Kansas for the plaza lighting cermony and my mom wouldn't take me because we had just moved there and my parents didn't know exactly where it was. I was also always rooting for Whazzat and Lookout to hook up. (A bear and a kangaroo together made sense to me on this show.)
I miss this show like crazy-I wanted to be on this game show, although I probably would have been awful at it. Game shows should really have awesome acapella music and actually teach us something! Not a reading show, but Carmen Sandiego had quite the empire in my younger years so I had books and games that went along with the game show.
Looking back now, I don't know why I watched this, but after school my sister and I would come home and this would be on our TV list. I think I liked the mystery element although it was really cheesy. Basically there was some ghost thing that was a light and he could only communicate to these teens through letters he or they found and he'd help them solve mysteries. I did always hate how incredibly slow the kids took to write things down for Ghostwriter.

I loved Wishbone and it was one that I made sure to watch-even though I was older than the target audience. I mean, how could I not love-Wishbone was promoting a love of reading and the dog is just so cute!! I still have kids ask for books/movies with Wishbone at the library, so he's not totally gone.


  1. Awesome! I'm exactly the same as you two! I miss the good stuff! TV nowadays is severely lacking!

  2. I use to love Ghostwriter. My friends and I dressed up as one of the characters for Halloween once. I think it was Gabby's alter ego or something crazy like that. But yea, I had a notebook and I always wondered why it took the kids so freakin' long to get things written out, lol

  3. I loved Reading Rainbow. It was soooo awesome and I'm singing the theme song in my head right now!!

  4. Man, when I was young I loved Kids, Incorporated and Thundercats. When both were cancelled I was devastated. I also watched Jem, and actually have all the episodes on DVD. lol

  5. I remember these! And I can't believe you included Ghostwriter. I thought I was the only one who watched that show.

  6. I'm a lurker here but I had to post and thank you for that link to the Reading Rainbow video. That sure does bring back happy childhood memories! I can't remember much about the show itself but that themesong will be with me forever. It was one of my favorite shows (along with 3-2-1 Contact, and Wonderworks and a whole mess of cartoons).

  7. I agree with Brooke reviews about Thundercats but what with all the retro films I've heard a Thundercats movie may be in the planning stages.

    I loved Wishbone and I find I can still sing the theme tune!

  8. If a Thundercats movie would be as bad as the Transformers movie they should just skip it and forgo audience disappointment!

  9. Melissa-I know, kid's shows need to be this awesome again.

    JYTBB-That's awesome you dressed up as the Ghostwriter kids-too funny! Yeah, my handwriting never looked as neat as theirs did.

    Carrie-the old intro is the best, the new intro they made later isn't as good. I love singing the song-which I still know all the words to!

    Brooke-I watched Kids, Inc. too! I hadn't heard of Thundercats until my husband checked it out from the library and was telling me how much he loved it.

    Heather-I'm so glad other people remember Ghostwriter!!

    Deva-I watched 3-2-1 Contact and Wonderworks too!

    Jodie-A Thundercats movie? I've gotta look that up-my husband would be first in line to see that.

  10. You're right -we are definitely TV twins! I love the Mama Don't Allow episode of Reading Rainbow, too -I'm using it in the summer reading program at my library.

  11. Hey, if you liked Ghostwriter, check this blog out It's hilarious.

  12. JEM! Who has the JEM DVDs??? SO Jealous!!!

    I still have the Carmen SanDiego CD -


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