Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No Internet!!

So something happened with our internet service and now we can't connect. :( Hopefully this will get fixed soon and I'll be back with reviews and contest info. I really feel lost without it-is that a sign of addiction?


  1. After seeing your wedding video my two terros wanted to make one, so....

    A New book video

    No book was harmed during the making of this film and during the water sequence a stunt book was used.

    Also my legs are not that pale, just sunlight and a small camera

  2. I know, I hate losing the internet. I'm well and truly addicted, I'll admit it. LOL

    I did want to say though...check out my waiting on wednesday post just b/c I think you MIGHT like it. romance, paranormal, and she's a book-loving librarian!!!

  3. Oh, man, that sucks!!! Hope everything works out okay!!!


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