Thursday, May 7, 2009

Save the Date by Tamara Summers

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Release Date: 4/29/2008

Genre: Romance

About the Book: Jakarta aka Jack is the youngest of six girls, which means when your sisters get older and start getting married, you get to be a bridesmaid non-stop. Already having been a bridesmaid in her two oldest sister's weddings, Jack is preparing for middle sister Victoria's fairy tale wedding when crazy sister Paris pops in and announces she's getting married this summer too! Soon Jack is forced into centerpiece making, shower planning, and avoiding scary bachelorette parties.

Plus, the wedding planner her family has hired has an adorably cute son, Leo, that Jack can't seem to keep her mind off of. But if she wants her sisters weddings to turn out perfect, she has to avoid Leo because of the "wedding curse"-every time Jack brings a date to a wedding, something terrible happens and the day turns disastrous!! Can Jack stay away from Leo all summer in order to avoid the "wedding curse" or will Leo be the one to break it?

GreenBeanTeenQueen Says: I picked this book up on a whim because I thought it'd be fun to read about someone else's crazy wedding to help me through all my own wedding planning stuff. What I ended up with was a total surprise-this was the perfect read. I loved all the characters-each sister is different which adds a fun dynamic to the story and the romance between Jack and Leo is perfect. Leo is totally a book boy crush-he's charming, he's sweet, he's hot, and he brings wedding cake samples-he couldn't be any more perfect!

This book may by a typical paperback romance, but it felt like more to me. Maybe because I could laugh at the crazy bridezillas and be thankful that I was nowhere near that crazy (I hope!). I also really liked Jack-she seemed real, down to earth and even though her family may drive her crazy, she's totally loyal to them. I really wish there were more books featuring the Finnegan sisters because this is a family I would love to read more about.

If you're looking for a great summer beach read, or you've been asked to attend one too many weddings this year, pick up Save the Date-you're sure to laugh and have fun and feel much better about that horrible dress you've been asked to wear!

P.S.-Tamara Summers is the pen name for author Tui T. Sutherland. I know I'll be checking out more of her books soon!


  1. Wow! I love stories like this, so I'll definitely need to check it out. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! (:

    (Ooh, and if you like wedding stories, check out "The Bridesmaid" by Hailey Abbott. A perfect summer read!)

  2. Kind of funny, I just got done watching 2 wedding movies (Bride Wars & Made of Honor), and I was like hmm...I wanna read a book about a wedding, and then I see your review! I think I'm going to have to pick this one up sometime.


  3. What a fun beach read this will be.

  4. Not my typical reading material, but this sounds really good! Thanks for the review!

  5. This kind of looks like a fluffy chick lit book and even though I usually don't read those, I might give this one a shot. You made it sound very appealing.

  6. It sounds cute!


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