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This is how people find my blog??

So I installed Google Analytics a few months ago and it's very cool to see how many people visit my blog, where they're from and all that cool stat stuff. One of the features I like is that it lists keywords that people have used to find your blog. There are some really fun ones, so I thought I'd share:

Character analysis in Prom by Laure Halse Anderson
A Book Report on Sucks to Be Me by Kimberly Pauley
-Sorry guys, I'll write book reviews, but you'll have to do your own homework!!

Is there going to be a Luxe movie? (This one actually came up a lot!)
-Not that I know of yet, but I will keep you posted-I think it'd be a great movie too!

Auditions for Beastly/Hunger Games/Percy Jackson/etc.-(This one was the most searched for!)
-I post info I find on YA movies, but I, just like the authors themselves, don't know anything about casting or how to audition. If I see anything, I'll let you know! I wish I could audition for these movies too.

Wedding Planning
-Yes, I know all about wedding planning! If you're like me and want a fun and unique wedding, check out (and the book Offbeat Bride!) The site features some amazing weddings and there's even a ning social networking site that was the only site I used for wedding planning. And of course, check out lots of books at your local library-wedding books are way expensive and not really worth the money.

How to interview for a teen librarian job
-First off, don't apply and interview for a teen librarian job if you don't like working with teens. Yes, this actually happens and it's one of my biggest pet peeves! Only work with teens if you truly love teens-this will be the age group you'll be in charge of and you'll be expected to bring them to the library, promote teen books and programs-so make sure you enjoy working with this age group.
Read YA books-and not just Twilight, Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, browse around on YALSA, check out the YALSA listservs, talk to teens. Most likely you'll be asked questions about how you would handle disruptive teens, how would you promote teen services at your library, what programs would you plan, what teen book would you recommend to a teen, how would you help a teen find info on (fill in the blank: school project, biographies, something you don't agree with, etc.) Come prepared with ideas of how to reach teens, even if they might not be possible at the library you're interviewing at-you want to show you have ideas and you can shoot big! Part of being a teen librarian is pushing everyone else in your library to appreciate and respect teens and teen services as much as you do, so make sure you can be a good advocate for teens in the library and express that in your interview. Good luck!

And my personal favorite:

Inteview with an underwater welder
-Umm, nope, can't really help you, but I'm sure that'd be interesting to read! It makes me laugh too, because my interview with the main character of Moonstone by Marilee Brothers is what that links to! haha


  1. ahhhh I envy your searches xD After the April Fools celebration, my searches scare me but Carol finds it hilarious. Grrr

  2. Underwater welder? I was looking for an underwater alligator wrestler...

    Still I bet all those who found your blog really enjoyed what you write.


  3. Yan-LOL I would love to see what pulls up for those pages-I'm sure it's very scary!!!

    Storyheart-Thanks! I hope people found it and liked it.

  4. Ha ha that's funny! Underwater welder....hmmm.....
    And Yan, I can totally see why you'd be scared! LOL!

  5. I get the book report ones a bunch too.

  6. I love finding out this stuff too. I use sitemeter for it though. It's quite interesting hehe and sometimes pretty darn funny except for this one time some pedophile was searching for teen porn THAT CREEPED ME OUT SOO MUCH!!

  7. That is very cool! I would be fascinated by all of that but the creepy stuff would bother me too. There's some stuff I just don't need to know.

    That's so funny about the underwater welder! My good friend and I have a running joke about that very topic. Our oldest boys are good friends and two years ago when they were high school seniors they discovered that underwater welding is a very high paying job. For a short time that was their career choice. That petered out pretty quickly though but we've never forgotten it.

  8. Oh my goodness, these are hilarious! I have Google Analytics. Where is this in there? I really want to know now. :D

  9. Heather-it's under Traffic Sources and then keywords. It's very interesting!!

    Robin-I had a wierd sex one too, but it creeped me out too much to post it!

  10. I couldn't agree more about the How to Interview for a Teen Librarian position. This job is only worth it if you like working with teens and making connections with them. They are, IMO, the hardest library group to reach and you have to be above willing to make the effort.

  11. Hahaha, you've got some great search terms. I might have to check this Google Analytics thing out. It sounds like a lot of fun.


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